Outside Work for Pay and Conflicts of Interest

If you wish to submit a request to engage in an outside activity, or if you wish to disclose a conflict of interest, please click the button below to access OwlExpress Outside Activities and Conflicts of Interest tool. The tool is located under the Employee Services tab in OwlExpress.

Request Permission to Engage in an Outside Activity, and/or Disclose a Conflict of Interest

In accordance with Board of Regents and Kennesaw State University (KSU) policies, employees must avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest regarding their KSU duties. All faculty and staff must obtain the university’s permission before engaging in compensated outside activities that are related to their KSU duties, and for any activities that may interfere with their KSU duties. All faculty and staff who have a real or potential conflict of interest, including personal, financial or professional relationships, must either avoid the conflict, or obtain an approved management plan that properly defines and manages any potential conflicts. This form should be used to fulfill those requirements.

Additional Information and Policies

Job Aids

If you have questions regarding these policies, please contact KSU’s Internal Audit Department.

Email: coi@kennesaw.edu

Phone: (470) 578-2537