The University System of Georgia (USG) is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct in pursuit of its mission to create a more educated Georgia. This includes fundamental values of transparency and objectivity. USG employees are required to be honest, fair, and impartial in dealings with, and on behalf of, the USG.  In accordance with USG policies, Kennesaw State University (KSU) employees are required to avoid actual and apparent conflicts of interest.

All faculty and staff must obtain the university’s permission before engaging in compensated outside activities that are related to their KSU duties, and for any activities that may interfere with their KSU duties.

All faculty and staff who have a real or potential conflict of interest, including personal, financial or professional relationships, must either avoid the conflict, or obtain an approved management plan that properly defines and manages any potential conflicts.

If you wish to submit a request to engage in an outside activity, or if you wish to disclose a conflict of interest, please access the Outside Activities and Conflicts of Interest tool in OwlExpress. The tool is located under the Employee Services tab in OwlExpress.

Use of KSU Resources

Generally, KSU employees should not use KSU resources to support an outside activity.  However, KSU employees may request to use KSU resources through a written contract that provides that the university will be paid for the use of any KSU personnel, facilities, equipment or materials at a rate which is at least the rate KSU charges to outside entities. Approval of such a contract must be obtained pursuant to KSU’s contracting policies, and is in addition to the approval required to engage in the outside activity.

Required Statements

  1. Any agreement for an outside activity executed between an outside entity and a KSU faculty or staff member must include the following statement:

    “The consultant has certain obligations to Kennesaw State University as a faculty member as described in the Intellectual Property Policy of Kennesaw State University (IP Policy). In the event that there is any conflict between the consultant’s obligations to the IP Policy and their obligations to the entity for whom they consult, the obligations to the IP Policy shall control.”

  2. Any presentations or reports written, signed, or prepared by a KSU faculty or staff member for an outside entity as part of an outside activity must state:

    “This content represents the opinions of the consultant. It carries no endorsement by Kennesaw State University.”