Reporting Requirements

Outside Activities and Conflicts of Interest Dashboard

To submit a request to engage in an outside activity, or to disclose a conflict of interest, please access the Outside Activities and Conflicts of Interest Dashboard in OwlExpress. The Dashboard is located under the Employee Services tab in OwlExpress.

Approval Process

Upon submission, your request and/disclosure will be sent to the first approver, your immediate supervisor.

The form will be routed to each supervisor within your chain of command. The last individuals that must approve the request and/or disclosure in the approval chain is the Vice President of your unit (staff submissions) or Provost (faculty submissions).

Each approver has three business days to respond to your request and/or disclosure. If an approver does not respond within three business days, your request will automatically escalate to the next-level approver.


If your request is denied, you have five business days to appeal the decision to the President.